Coloured Anti-slip Surfacing, 
hazard & demarcation 

Rockbind was formed in 2010 to provide the New Zealand Roading industry with a superior alternative to coloured anti-slip demarcation and hazard solutions.
Until then overseas sourced products were proving to be unsuitable
for New Zealand conditions. Investing heavily into R&D, Rockbind developed the RB777 Binder and Coloured (1mm & 1-3mm) Calcite Bauxite and Aggregate system, with its unique polyurethane coloured binder it delivered enhanced flexibility, UV stabilization and skid rating.

Our Mission

To pave the world
with high quality colourful anti-slip
surfaces that improve safety for all.

Following years of investment in research and development, Rockbind was formed in 2010 to provide the New Zealand market with an alternative to materials sourced overseas that had proven to be unsuitable for local applications and conditions. Investing heavily into R&D, Rockbind developed the RB777 polyurethane coloured resin and a unique New Zealand based manufacturing process for colouring bauxite and aggregate chip.

The Rockbind RB777 binder has enhanced high levels of flexibility and UV stabilization properties specifically engineered for the harsh local environment.
Commercial manufacturing premises specify the Rockbind RB777 system as it is resistant to the harsh effects of the weather and is durable and low maintenance with the option of adding a coloured RBS sealer coat to prolong the life of the product further.

Specify Rockbind: A unique coloured binder and coloured bauxite or aggregate solution that provides a durable, high skid resistant, and vibrant colour range which is quickly becoming highly specified long-term solution.

Colour Range

Rockbind is focused on minimising the effects caused by its products to the environment. The RB777 system has been developed by using lead free colour tinters with natural stone locally sourced and imported Bauxite.
Complementing this standard colour range Rockbind are able to manufacture to your specific colour or brand specifications to leverage more value out of your investment in demarcation or hazard requirements. NOTE: Website Colours shown below will vary from actual product, ask us to show you actual sample plates, or contact Rockbind to have one forwarded to you.